• The Company

    Based in Dallas Texas

    Socrates Health Solutions is a Delaware based corporation. We are a company committed to applying innovative technology in order to provide affordable healthcare and fitness products.

  • The Team

    Deeply Experienced

    Our team is made up of senior healthcare professionals, scientists and physicians with over 150 combined years of experience. Collectively the team has brought twenty-three health care products from concept to commercialization.

  • The Problem

    Painful finger pricks

    There are 371 million diabetics worldwide with 26 million estimated to be in the U.S. Many diabetics must test their blood glucose using finger pricking devices with test strips. This is painful, inconvenient and expensive. Athletes, health conscious people and/or pre-diabetics can also benefit from managing their glucose levels with healthy diet choices.

  • The Solution

    Socrates Companion

    Our products, Socrates Companion and Socrates Companion LS, are the result of scientific research. The Diabetic product provides a convenient, accurate and pain-free glucose reading which does not require the collection of blood. The Mobile Health product is a wearable providing glucose trend information on the wearer's mobile device

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6301 Gaston Ave, Suite 245, Dallas, TX 75214