LyfeBulb Event Featuring Socrates Health Solutions

Lyfebulb is a non-profit organization focused on helping improve the lives of people suffering from chronic disease. Lyfebulb hosted an event on April 27, 2016 in New York City featuring Socrates Health Solutions. Click here to read more about this event.

How to Make your Waistline Survive Going Out to Eat

Society today has become more body-image focused than ever before. Americans try diet after diet and sometimes they work, but most don't. Going out to eat can hinder your weight-loss goals. Included are ideas from on how to cut back on the calories when going out to eat...

Back to School Healthy Snack Tips for Kids

As the new school year is upon us so is the conundrum of trying to get your children to eat healthy snacks at school. Oftentimes school provide yummy, but not necessarily nutritious snacks. Below are some snacks suggested by that taste delicious but will also provide your child with the nutrients they need for the day to keep them fuller and happier longer...

Socrates' Executive Team Comes Together in Dallas

The Socrates Health Solutions Executive Team came together at their corporate headquarters to review progress to-date and confirm the direction going forward. This meeting was in preparation for the quarterly Board of Directors meeting which was to be held in early September. The Company plans and progress are on track.

How to Manage your Child's Diabetes

Dealing with diabetes as an adult is difficult enough, but explaining the gravity of the situation to a child can be even more challenging. Diabetes not only affects the person diagnosed but the entire family. Provided are some tips provided by the American Diabetes Association to help you and your family with the disease without straining your relationship...

Diabetes Meal Plan and a Healthy Diet

According to the American Diabetes Association, a diabetes meal plan is merely a guide that tells you how much and what types of foods that are best for you to eat at meals and snack times. Some common meal planning tools are the plate method, carb counting and the glycemic index. By picking the meal plan that best fits with your schedule and eating habits, you can improve your blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol....

Socrates one of 10 semi-finalist in "One to Watch" competition

Congratulations to Socrates Health Solutions one of the 2014 One to Watch Semifinalists. Socrates along with 9 other companies had the most nominations from TeXchange members this year.

Socrates Presents at Texas Life Science Forum

Scott Smith, CEO of Socrates Health Solutions, Inc, presented to an audience of greater than 500 investors, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and researchers from across the state at the Texas Life Science Forum.

What Makes Eggs Great?

Not only are eggs great for managing blood sugar, but they are nutritional powerhouses! Eggs contain virtually zero carbohydrates, making them an easy and healthy choice for diabetics and anyone else trying to eat healthy, wholesome foods. Many people avoid eggs due to their cholesterol and fat content. The yolk is cursed with the "bad" stuff and is often thrown out so the consumer can focus on the protein of the egg white...

Socrates Hires Weaver for Audit and Tax Advising

On January 7th Socrates signed an agreement with Weaver to handle their annual audit as well as corporate tax services.

10 Myths about Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious disease that has many popular misconceptions. Outsiders may think that only fat people get it, and if they do, it's completely their fault. Other people may overreact to sugar consumption and not understand the role of carbohydrates in a diabetic's life. This article, published by the American Diabetes Association, discusses 10 popular myths and misconceptions about diabetics and their disease...

Corporate Meeting - Dallas, Texas

The Socrates Health Solutions team met in Dallas on November 15th. The team, board members and current investors came together to review progress to-date and near-term and long-term plans.

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