Companion is a small, inexpensive, non-invasive self-monitoring blood glucose monitor.

    PAIN FREE. Accurate. Affordable

    Companion has a sensor that clips to the ear. It is equipped with a large, LED readout and has a simple to use design. It provides an accurate blood glucose reading in just seconds without taking a blood sample. Our Mobile Health product, Companion LS, clips to the ear and connects with the user's mobile device.

    Clinical and Mobile Health versions of Companion

    Diabetics who routinely test their blood spend $30-80 a month on test strips. Companion's total cost of ownership will be a fraction of what is being spent today by diabetics due to its highly efficient design and low recurring costs associated with it. Companion LS will be similarly priced to the fitness monitors that are on the market today.

    Total Cost of ownership less than traditional methods

    Companion is now in the Research and Development Phase. Be sure to check back often for updates on availability.

    Not yet available

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