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Discover Companion

Our products, CompanionCM (continuous monitor), CompanionSR (single read) and CompanionLS (lifestyle), are the result of scientific research. Companion eliminates the insertion of needles and finger pricks for calibration and provides real time information for diabetes management.

Socrates Companion

Real-time monitoring and controlling blood glucose levels is key to managing diabetes and reducing its complications.

Pain Free & Convenient

Companion is a simple non-invasive blood glucose monitor that supports your management of diabetes.

Custom Alerts & Alarms

Alerts individuals with predictions of sudden increases or decreases in blood glucose levels. Alerts at critical lows or highs.

Providers & Payers

Used in conjection with insulin therapy, Continous glucose monitoring helps lower A1C.

Real-Time Data

Rapid data presentation provides helpful insights and guides treatment decision making for individuals.

Free to be Mobile

Companion communicates with your mobile devices, tracking glucose levels and capturing historical data.

Connected To Loved Ones

Real time, secure blood glucose information can be shared with family members and loved ones.