Management Team

Management Team

Scott J. Smith

Scott Smith is the founder and CEO of Socrates Health Solutions. In this role, Smith has secured investment capital, recruited a world class Board of Directors, and attracted a stellar executive team. Building on 25+ years of healthcare technology experience, he has driven the development of Socrates’ proprietary technology solutions for non-invasive glucose monitoring, including research and development, international patent filings and approvals, and collaboration with global companies. Scott’s father had Type 1 Diabetes.

Sharon Gregory

Sharon is the Vice President of Operations at Socrates. In this role Sharon has been responsible for all operational facets of the company including investor relations, legal counsel liaison, financial controls, 3rdparty contracts, oversight of bookkeeping and audit, pay and benefits, and infrastructure.

Valentin Korman Ph.D.

Val is the Vice President of Research at Socrates, his educational background has included study and research in astrophysics, applied physics and optical science and engineering. His academic research has covered theoretical modeling of high energy physical systems as well as high-precision instrumentation and measurement experiments. During his 18 years in NASA and industry he has led research and development efforts for instrumentation and sensor development in various challenging environments ranging from cryogenic fluids to high temperature combustion systems.

John Maynard

John is a Special Advisor at Socrates, he has more than 25 years of experience developing and commercializing noninvasive medical diagnostic devices based on visible, fluorescence, near infrared, Raman, and infrared imaging and spectroscopy. He has an active consulting practice in U.S. and international medical device product development, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, quality management systems, product management and business development.