Socrates Health Solutions Announces Test Results: Confirms Increased Accuracy of Technology Across Range Necessary for Non-Invasive Tracking of Glucose in Real Time

by socrateswp |October 8, 2019 | News

Socrates reports that recently completed tests have confirmed the functionality of the Socrates Noninvasive Blood Glucose Self-Monitoring Technology at a precision of microradians (µrads) necessary to correlate to measurements from 50 mg/dL to 500 mg/dL—the practical range of sensitivity required for daily diabetes management.

“These results reflect that this intellectual property protected (IPP) methodology for measuring glucose is lab tested, reliable, capable of accuracy and generates real-time results,” says Scott Smith, president and CEO, Socrates Health Solutions, Inc.  “Our accumulated lab testing demonstrates Socrates’ ability to confidently move forward with the next stages of prototyping and human testing on its path to final product design and commercialization.”

Dr. Valentin Korman, Ph.D., vice president, Research, Socrates, says, “Socrates is taking a comprehensive, in-depth and scientific approach to developing its technology, which has included sophisticated modeling of the optical and polarizing properties of tissue and glucose and blood/tissue components. The Socrates team has developed methodologies for the direct measurement of blood glucose through bulk tissue using optics and polarization in a system that is now capable of accuracy competitive with existing off-the-shelf technologies.”

Doug Sutherland, chairman, Socrates, states, “The latest achievements in accuracy have further demonstrated the science behind the Socrates noninvasive blood glucose technology at a granular level. Socrates is now ready to focus on the best way to accelerate our path to the final product and the FDA approval process.”

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